Giles McGarry is an award winning, amateur photographer from East Anglia, UK.

Giles works as a busy IT Director in London.  He uses photography as a means of escape and has a particular interest in black and white high key photography, exploring shapes and forms often seen, frequently unseen and mostly unnoticed, particularly in the urban environment. Giles finds comfort in repetition and symmetry and excitement in asymmetrics.  

Photographer's Statement
I love my life as an IT Professional, solving problems for people, but it's a busy life and prior to the pandemic included 5 hours of commuting a day. Whilst I like to keep fit through cycling and running they offer the briefest of pauses whilst my mind continues to work on those problems I'm trying to solve. Photography however needs concentration, it allows me to be more creative, it allows me to relax into the moment and escape from the day to day. As I walk around urban environments all over the world I become hyper aware of shape, form, how lines intersect, how patterns change depending on your viewpoint and how light and shadow play against each other. Possibly being short sighted and having difficulty reading in low light I'm drawn to bright spaces which has sparked my interest in applying my efforts to the higher key end of the spectrum. I try and channel these feelings and awareness into my images.

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