Ever since I first saw a colleague of mine's photographs he'd taken whilst passing through Liege I knew it was a place I had to visit.  For some reason it took me ages - I guess I thought it was a long way and one day I'd pass through.  As it happens on the Eurostar its not very far away at all.  

It was after some back issues and not being able to get out with my camera that I decided to go and visit.  And I'm so glad I did, what an amazing structure, almost organic in its design and engineering.  I was initially taken aback by its sheer size and that it was open too - I mean its really just a giant canopy - I really hadn't been expecting that.  Of course the first thing you see is the roof, but then you delve deeper and find Calatrava's cathedral like staircases.  This is a place to explore, slowly and quietly - I'm so glad I get the opportunity to visit.

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