In March 2018 I had the great pleasure of attending a workshop in Japan. During a little downtime half way through the week I took a little walk - just me and the camera - no tripod for once. We were staying in a small town called Takashima-shi on the banks of Lake Biwa. We'd already done a lot of travelling and come across lots of abandoned buildings from sheds to houses to Pachinko halls.

Apparently an ageing population, young people seeking work and entertainment in the larger cities mean that across Japan many building are just abandoned. Over time nature takes over and begins to reclaim the structures for herself.

This was a small garage along the small coast road, I stumbled across it a explored a little. I find it amazing how when something becomes abandoned - everything is just left in situ, like the car you'll see here - probably a more recent edition compared with the rest of the structure - nevertheless nature doesn't care.

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