This is my first blog post of my new website.  3 years ago I created a website that I was really proud of, but over time it began to get stale and I started to fall out of love with it; It’s a vicious circle really, the less you do the less you like it, the less you want to do.

So I decided to make a fresh start with a far easier platform (for me at least) meaning I could concentrate on the things that are important to me - and that’s photography, rather than having to spend time in the depths of CSS.  

Here’s the result, hopefully its a platform that will allow me to grow and show off some of my photography to its’ best.

Thanks for taking the time to drop by - I hope you like the results, I hope you like my photography too.  If you’d like to say hello, have any comments on the site or my photography please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the Contacts page.

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