Wangjing Soho

I find myself at the start of a new year again having not posted anything on my site for a while now.  No excuses really, just life getting in the way my interests.  Suffice to say I have had a busy year visiting places I’d wanted to visit for ages, and trying some new things out, not to mention returning to old things I’d forgotten about.  I guess I should be making new years resolutions at this point - maybe shoot more, try something different, travel to interesting places, but I guess what I should really be doing is post more.  I’ve never enjoyed photography as much as I do, I itch to get out and when I do I love it, so I’ll probably just continue what I’ve been doing recently, loving what I do - oh and occasionally posting some images too.  For now - a set of abstract images from Zaha Hadid’s fabulous Wangjing Soho complex in Beijing.

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